Heartyculture is all about nurturing the HEART & LIVING the way of

Living with a purpose...

Re-defining the way we live - With contribution from hundreds and thousands of volunteers, we are able to create a new green revolution, call it 2.0. By re-charging the ground water, re-cycling & re-using materials, harnessing the power of sun & significantly improving air quality, we grow organically, retain freshness & cultivate healthy living habits.

In short we are all set to make a startling difference to the world we live in.

Freshness + Healthy Eating

Freshly grown food comes from our own natural farms, not from contract farming, leased farming or purchases. We cultivate food with a lot of care and our people who work here are mostly volunteers who just love doing this job. We take necessary measures to protect mother earth from contamination, any kind of pollution or erosion. In turn the mother earth always helps nourish us from within. We do prayers and follow practices & processes that allow us to deliver healthy food for fellow citizens,

Naturalness + Organic Living

Growing naturally and growing organic is part of our method to save ourselves and save the precious planet earth. We encourage people to start with seeds. We teach children to plant saplings and help them to take care of their little ones. We nourish these plants with lots of love and care and personally inspect each and every plant and support them as required. In turn these plants help us with our own nourishment and vola we are learning to be inter-dependent. Give back and back again but Just Give.

Wellness + Care Giving

After much research and development, we have come up with a few products that can help us live a healthy lifestyle. The all-round purpose is to live for the welfare of our body, mind and soul. Furthermore, we live for the welfare of our fellow beings & the society as well. Heartyculture has developed a line of products to protect us from phones, computers & other electronic devices that generate radiation which can disrupt our over wellbeing. We have variety of products to mitigate this.

Products Lines

Heartyculture products are
produced to perfection
crafted with love and
offered with care

Edible Products

Natural Foods & Produce

Essential Products

Essential Oils & Balms

Wellness Products

Radiation Free Lifestyle

Green Initiatives

Nursery & Live Plants

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Heartyculture News

Get to know the latest from all the good work that comes from our Heart.

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The Brand & Humble Beginning’s..

Heartyculture is more than a Brand. We use our Heart in all of what we do and this has become a new culture. 'That's Heartyculture'. What started as a simple suggestion to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining, has now expanded to become the state's self-esteem.

With a need to consume naturally grown food and have it healthy, we started becoming organic and in this process we learnt the art of being kind to mother earth. As a community, we produce more than we consume, and we take immense pleasure in sharing with others. We would like to make this earth a much better place to live than what we saw when we came here for the very first time.

Changing the culture of consumption and trying to make it a culture of compassion, we help in making lives more meaningful. By the way, we also happen to do this as a business and we serve.


Welcome to our farm/facility

Guided tours and seasonal tours are organized at Kanha Village, which is located about 75 kilometers from Hyderabad City, on the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway.

You are most welcome to visit our facility with your family & friends to understand our rich culture, the fine craft and a great tradition we inherit from our lineage.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available every day. The tour starts at a welcome lounge after initial briefing of the facilities. The tour starts morning hours and lasts for half a day ending with lunch at one of our famous places to eat.

Seasonal Tours

Seasonal tours are available only on requests and arranged during Kharif seasons (Jul-Oct) or the Rabi seasons (Oct-Mar). Occasionally summer crops are grown between Mar-Jun., but these are kind of rare to witness.

Get In Touch

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